Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby Sprinkle

Meet my sister-in-law Jen:
Jen knows how to throw one awesome party!!!  When she found out about Mini Meyer coming she wanted to host a celebration for our baby. She offered to have a "baby sprinkle."  The idea of the sprinkle is that since it's baby #2 it's not a full on "baby shower" but rather it's a smaller occasion to celebrate our newest addition.  It was so thoughtful of her and she did AN INCREDIBLE JOB of putting it together.  I am seriously so blown away by everything she did.  I will let the pics speak for themselves...

We decided that since we have already been blessed with so much with Everett we wanted to do something a bit different than a typical shower.  We partnered up with Hillcrest Transitional Housing and instead of gifts people could choose to bring books or toys to donate to the children of Hillcrest.  It turned out really great and Hillcrest is so excited to have these things for the kids in their program. 

 My favorite part of the whole event was just spending time with family.  Numerous people drove in just for the sprinkle and we felt so loved by all of the miles traveled.  Grandma Jean (on the right) won the award for farthest traveled; she and Grandpa Meyer came all the way from Oklahoma for the weekend.  (AND...oh my goodness did Everett LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH THEM!!!)  I love this picture of Mini Meyer and his two awesome grandmas!  Everett and baby brother are so blessed to have such cool ladies that love them so much. 
 Hello giant baby bump!!! The youngest party goer was our niece Clare (isn't she so cute?!).  There is a lot of potential that baby brother and Clare will share the same birthday if our little man comes early. We were pumped that Aunt Jen (Clare's momma) and Uncle Jim came in from Columbia and stayed with us all weekend.  It was great to spend time with them and it gave Everett a bit of practice having a little one around our house. 

The Sprinkle was so fun! Thanks Jen Robertson for hosting and for all who came.  

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